CMAA Application Process

CMAA's application process begins at the chapter level.  Membership in the Association is open to individuals who are in a management position at a membership based club. The Metropolitan Chapter covers Long Island (Suffolk and Nassau Counties), Westchester and the eastern part of NY State including the Hudson Valley and Albany through Plattsburgh, NY.

Membership in the MCMA is dual and simultaneous which means you maintin membership with the National Chapter as well as your local Chapter.

To connect on membership to get an application, quote and credit card authorization form please please email 

CMAA has a step membership where the new/rejoining member dues rate is $500 ($250 if you join between April 1 and August 31), the second year dues rate will be $650 and the third year will be the prevailing dues rate. Local dues vary based on the join date and the number of members at the club. 

Members Transferring from another CMAA Chapter: Transfer forms for current CMAA/MCMA members can be found here. Compleated applcation should be emailed to 

Interested in Joining CMAA's International Wine Society (IWS)?
A link to the application form at CMAA can be found here